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PCI-Compliant Security

At The Jay Group, all customer data, including credit card transaction information, are processed and stored on PCI-compliant secure systems in encrypted forms. Our secure Card Data Environment (CDE) provides the highest level of transactional security available today. It’s what allows us to deliver trust along with data storage and transaction processing and customer relationship management.

PCI Security Standards Council

Contact center and call center outsourcing services

Contact Center and Customer Care Services

Because it’s your brand on the phone.

Customer service. Order processing and teleservices. E-care and help desk. Few companies have the in-house resources required to deliver call center services reliably and affordably. Choosing a customer service outsourcing partner to deliver these services means you’re hiring more than just a customer call center – you’re hiring representatives of your brand.

Our customer service representatives provide the type of care that protects and enhances our clients’ services and products. The best call center is one which is reliable and responsive to the concerns of both the customers with whom the call center provider interacts on a daily basis and the company entrusting the call center vendors with their professional reputation.

The culture at The Jay Group technical support call center is one that promotes an enhanced customer experience through our people, our innovative technology and our focus on superior customer service. A visit to our facilities at any time will confirm the professionalism, technical skill and courtesy of our team.

The Jay Group’s Contact Center solutions offer USA-based inbound customer service 24/7, 365 days a year. We constantly audit our own processes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and first-call resolution. We operate stand-alone programs or integrate our fulfillment services for increased efficiencies and easier program management.

Our programs include staff members who possess the training and industry experience that sets The Jay Group apart from other call center companies. We have a highly qualified staff of trainers and quality assurance coaches to ensure we provide our clients the type of experience not found at other call center agencies.

Our proprietary training tool, JayLINC, and our associated online knowledge-bases ensure that we are employing highly-trained, proactive experts in customer care. More than teaching a set of processes and protocols for your program, we make sure all Jay Group customer service representatives become experts in representing your brand, and are skilled at upselling and cross-selling products and services.

Outbound call center services offered by The Jay Group allow businesses to focus on important aspects of day-to-day operations while our team acts as the brand's representatives while contacting customers. Call center outsourcing can be highly beneficial in fostering growth in a company and expanding key areas of business. When The Jay Group is your provider for call center outsourcing services, you are free to direct your time and energy toward expanding your business while our professional staff works diligently to promote your brand and reputation.

Our world-class technology ensures we are capable of handling your infrastructure needs:

  • Connected via Qwest through an OC-3 Sonnet Ring, MPLS and secondary wireless channels to support our Siemens HiPath 4000™ switch and routing structure
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) provides “state-of-the-art” infrastructure.
  • Surrounding our switch is Verint WorkForce Optimization (Impact 360), Witness Quality Monitoring and call recording, IVR integration, voicemail, message on hold, call accounting and ProCenter skills-based routing.
  • Circuits are VOIP compatible and have the capacity to carry over 4,000 calls simultaneously.
  • The Jay Group supports long distance carriers from many sources, including AT&T Qwest, Sprint, Embarq and UCN. We have also integrated with numerous platforms such as Avaya and Nortel.

Learn more about what makes Contact Center Solutions from The Jay Group the right choice. Get in touch with us today to inquire about our low call center rates and begin taking advantage of our premium services.

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